PlantVillage Operations in Bungoma

Posted on March 17, 2021 by PlantVillage

The basic need for human survival; food, shelter and clothing are all dependent on agriculture for their production. Technology is present in all parts of our day to day lives. The main form of technology used by nearly 80% of world population is mobile technology. The number leads us to conclude that we have ability to use mobile technology to help farmers improve their agricultural production.

As the world is revolutionized, PlantVillage has harnessed the power of mobile technology to combat climate change. From desert locust data collection to pest and diseases monitoring in crops. Our app PlantVillage Nuru is used to scan for pest and diseases and how to control them. Other benefits of the app includes weather forecasting and access to crop information. 

Bungoma County is glad to have the PlantVillage Dream Team led by Kelvin Nyongesa. The team comprise of 3 pairs; Marion Sitienei and Brian Wachiye located at Kanduyi, Sally Jemo and Mathew Korir in Kimilili, Brenda Ngeny’ and Frankline Areba in Kimaeti.

Forty nine(49) lead farmers in Bungoma County have been trained or rather empowered by access to smart agriculture; mobile phones/smart phones. Concerning meeting the goals of PlantVillage more so technological awareness, this proves to be a relatively perfect start.


Written By;Marion Sitienei

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