Clean Cassava Cuttings, Bumper Harvest

Posted on May 5, 2022

Farmers from Bokoli CBO in Bungoma County, Kenya have something to smile about after their recent cassava harvest which was planted last year in early March. PlantVillage supported the group of 25 farmers with clean cuttings of MM96 variety. The cuttings were planted on a ¼ an acre piece of land belonging to one of the group members. The cassava farm was then used as a demonstration plot for other farmers to learn more about cassava agronomy and cassava pests and diseases.

PlantVillage field officers Sally Jemo and Mathew Korir offered extension services to the farmers from planting to harvest. They also trained the farmers on the use of PlantVillage Nuru app to identify and diagnose cassava pests and diseases.

Upon harvest of the cassava in April 22, 2022, the farmers received a bountiful harvest that was shared among the farmers.

“We had a bumper harvest this year as compared to last year. We constantly scouted our cassava field and scanned the leaves to check for pest and diseases from early on. The group members also did rouging of the infected tubers and buried the tubers far away from the field. Our field officers constant visits helped to educate the group members on cassava agronomy." Said Monica Onyango, one of the group members.

The yield was shared equally among the farmers. Some of the farmers sold the cassava tubers to get income while others stored it as cassava dry chips to use as a source of food in their household.

The main goal of this project was to multiply and distribute clean cuttings in the community. Elijah Mwangale, a farmer from Kimilili CBO explains.

“We had a total of 10 bags of cassava cuttings that were shared amongst ourselves. The members will plant the cuttings this season and once they harvest, they will have to share the cuttings with other members.”

PlantVillage aims toward enhancing food security. Cassava is drought resistant, requires minimal management and has high nutritional value. If every household would have just ¼ an acre under cassava production then that household will never lack food on the table thus food security.


Written by; Marion Makunyo

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