Dream Team Roll Out to Ethiopia

Posted on May 6, 2022

Agriculture industry has a lot of opportunities especially for young people. PlantVillage time and again have created job opportunities for youths in Africa, Asia and Central America to increase farmers resilience of food security in the face of climate change using technological innovations. PlantVillage created a youth driven model (Dream Team) that use graduates from different universities to work with and for the farmers. From Kenya, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Honduras, Nepal and now Ethiopia!

PlantVillage in collaboration with VITA and Arba Minch University concluded a 3-days training for 20 participants at Arba Minch University. The participants comprised of graduates and local technical experts from Vita and Arba Minch University.

With the help of Dream Team AgroConsultancy experts: Dr. John Chelal, Winnie Onyango and Melodine Jeptoo, the team were introduced to PlantVillage Nuru mobile application, a tool that employs artificial intelligence to protect valuable crops. The team tested out the application on cassava, maize, sweet potato, mango and other crops during an interactive field training.

“We also learned on the use of Ag observatory to monitor farms, use of OKR structure to set goals and enact strategies and the different roles of performed by Dream Team members.” Said Esrael Gisha, one of the graduates.

The team expressed utter excitement over their new roles of working with smallholder farmers adapt to climate change.

“I feel lucky to be part of the Dream Team. My expectation is to work with my farming community to increase productivity by eliminating barriers to production. I intend to use modern technology to implement modern agriculture. I now have a chance to introduce PlantVillage Nuru application which uses AI to detect and diagnose pests and diseases in crops to farmers.”  Said Muluken GetahunKolle, a Dream Team member.

The new team will be assisting farmers from selected ward based on their agro ecological zones of Gamo zone, SNNPR.

The training ended with issuance of certificate of participation by Vita Country Director, Ato Asfaw Mekuria.


Written By:Mercyline Tata

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