Participants Applaud CETC IL Project Management Training Workshop after Receiving Certificates

Posted on June 14, 2022

Participants in the recently concluded 3-day virtual training on Project Management organized by Michigan State University (MSU) in collaboration with USAID CETC Innovation Lab at Pennsylvania State University, have received their certificates.

The webinar sessions, which ran in English, Spanish, and French, were organized by MSU Program Managers Dr. Callista Rakhmatov and Dr. Karim Maredia May 23–25 and brought together more than 350 participants from across the globe.

They all had the opportunity to interact with renowned speakers such as Dr. Angela Records (USAID), Dr. David Hughes (PSU CETCIL), Dr. Callista Rakhmatov (MSU), Dr. Karim Maredia (MSU), Dr. Hannah Burrack (MSU), Dr. Russ Freed (MSU Professor Emeritus), Dr. Paige Castellanos (PSU CETCIL), Dr. Rebecca Irvine (University of Michigan), Dr. Deanna Behring.

A screenshot of Day 1 of the workshop.

The topics handled were: Introduction to the USAID/CETC Innovation Lab and the Course, Finding Funding & Writing a Winning Grant Proposal, Planning and design of a project, Part I: Leadership and Team, Planning and Design of Project Part II: Research & Project Design, Holding the Project startup/kickoff meeting, Agreements, Workplans, Budgets, and Sub-awards and Project Implementation, Adaptive Management, and Impact.

A copy of the certificate given to one of the participants.

Participants expressed satisfaction with the program after receiving their certificates in soft copy.

"I got the certificate and I really appreciate. I'm hoping to keep holding on the group with expectations of learning more from all of you. The group is made up of like-minded fellows spread all over the world with vast knowledge. More participation in future workshops and interactions. So I will love to hear different experiences from your locations," said Karisa from Kenya.

Dabire Eugenie, from Burkina Faso, was happy after receiving the certificate.

"I received my certificate this evening. Many thanks to all the organizers, good luck for the future," he said.

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- Written by Sam Oduor

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