Climate Change Club formed in Tanzania School

Posted on July 13, 2022

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PlantVillage established its first Climate Change Club (CCC) named “Ready for Climate Change Club” in Tanzania through the great leadership of Dream Team Raphael Pendo and Isack Muhanuka. The duo visited Nyamidaho secondary school to implement PlantVillage goal of imparting climate change knowledge to students.

“Climate Change Club is a school-based club formed by the support of PlantVillage research extension officers with an aim of teaching students on how to tackle climate change. Dream Team members visit the local schools in their area of work and provide practical information on expected rainfall, water moisture of the soil, drought tolerant crops, rain harvesting etc.” Said David Hughes, Founder of PlantVillage.

In July 8, 2022, approximately two hundred students from form one and two congregated in an interactive learning experience.

Isack Muhanuka recounts the visit, “We worked with the teachers to provide climate education through practical learning and interactive activities. The students had limited knowledge about climate change effects especially on agricultural production. They were inquisitive about the human activities that lead to greenhouse gases emission and the pest occurrence due to climate change. We had to teach them on the effect of climate change on crop production which can lead to low food production.”

The team received positive reception from both the teachers and students.

“We were extended an invitation to visit the school after every two weeks. We plan to enhance the students’ skills and have a generation of young people that master climate change related issues.” Concludes Pendo.

The Dream Team will continue to visit more schools and inspire next generation to care about nature and protect the environment.


Written By; Tata Mercyline

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