PlantVillage Launches Borehole Drilling Project in Garashi

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PlantVillage recently launched the borehole drilling process in Garashi, Magarini sub-county. The project is set to benefit 30 households through contract farming, to increase crop productivity, ensure water security, and enhance agroforestry.

The project is set to assist members of Nuru Community Irrigation Group CBO in producing high-value crops in three cropping seasons per year.

PlantVillage Launches Borehole Drilling Project in Garashi

Speaking during the launch Isaac Kiplangat, PlantVillage Research Extension Officer in Magarini sub-county, said that the project was established due to lack of adequate rainfall to sustain previous projects like the establishment of maize and cassava demo plots. 

"This irrigation scheme project is set to enable the CBO to overcome the challenge of lack of enough rainfall faced through participating in good agronomic practices to benefit them economically and socially,” he said. He also stated that the organization through extension services will equip the farmers with knowledge on how to manage and maintain drip irrigation and advice on crops to be planted.

“The area has no reliable source of water due to the ongoing drought therefore the project will be of great help to the 30 households and the community at large,” he noted. Kiplangat added that it will also uplift society by providing food for their consumption.

“We have not been receiving rain for the past two years which has led to poor agricultural practices,” stated Ms. Emmaline Salama, a member of the CBO. She said that the group highly depends on rainwater to grow crops but it has been a challenge for them to participate in farming projects.

Ms. Salama also said that they have resorted to other means like purifying water used for washing utensils and clothes to irrigate their kitchen gardens to ensure the availability of food for consumption. 

Johnson Kalu, the secretary of the CBO stated that the borehole water will aid the group in growing various horticultural crops which will enhance the food supply to the community. “I thank PlantVillage for providing us with a long-lasting solution that will enable us to farm throughout the year despite the season,” he said.

The borehole project began in January 2022 and has achieved great milestones such as engaging the CBO in signing agreement forms for contract farming that will run for 15-20 years and will be reviewed every two years to ensure efficiency. PlantVillage plans to equip the borehole by setting up water tanks, solar panels, and drip pipes before its use.


By Emmy Neema


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