The Dream Team 2020 expectations

Posted on January 15, 2020

The Dream Team 2020 expectations

Buckle up! The bar has been raised.


Another year full of expectations and like everybody, Dream Team expects growth. With New Year come new expectations, new resolutions, new strategies, new goals and plans. Dream team members have also set their New Year expectations and we couldn’t wait to share with everyone to help us grow. The team is as ready as ever to take up their new roles and responsibilities in ensuring that small holder farmers in Kenya are able to improve their livelihood when they produce more healthy crops.

I’d say healthy crops, wealthy Kenyan farmers!

Dream Team blog expect to share the Dream team journey in 2020 as they empower and reach out to more farmers in Kenya. The following are snippets of dream team notes sharing their expectations this year.



James Mugo -Agricultural Biotechnology

“As a group, I am looking forward to a very busy year; us reaching more people. Creating more trust and making PlantVillage even bigger and much known. My Personal expectation is taking on new challenges especially now with new roles. More of "screen" time doing what I'm passionate about -making documentaries.”

                        Wincate Mukami-Agriculture Extension and Education

“To be able to reach more farmers and spread the information of different diseases of crops and their control. I am expecting the knowledge about PlantVillage to be well know to other people in different counties through media so as to build trust with farmers.”

Lawrence Pamba-Agriculture Biotechnology

“My Expectations is to reach out to many farmers and able to disseminate the knowledge and skills they are lacking, reduction in diseases and pests in the crops and be part of poverty eradication in Busia County.”




Mercyline Tsuma-Agriculture Extension and Education

“Personally I want to work on my time keeping, learn more about pests and diseases of diverse crops in the fields. I will also grow improved cassava variety at home to encourage others to embrace it because most farmers in Kilifi County have a negative attitude towards it. This year we'll be more orderly since we already have set objectives like the number of times we'll be visiting each Lead Farmer in a month.”



Melodine Jeptoo-Agricultural Biotechnology

“Now that we are looking forward to coming up with printed materials, I expect farmers to be more conversant with what we do hence improving their knowledge easily since they will always have a reference material for whatever they will be doing. It has been a challenge having one on one talk since farmers’ takes limited information. Also, I expect the information to reach very many farmers outside Busia county though our social media platforms. I know we can achieve this.”

                             Bismark Plimo-Agriculture Extension and Education

“I am expecting to see farmers putting into action what we taught them last season about the cassava and maize mostly. Am also expecting the dream team to try as much to follow the laid down plan for this year which attributes to meeting either monthly or quarterly goals. Also, am expecting the demonstration plots to be carried out by the team and lastly Am expecting more organization amongst us.”

Gladys Ntango-Agricultural Biotechnology

“I am expecting farmers to change and give successful testimonies that will help change others. I am expecting farmers to be conversant with what we do and train other farmers on what they have learned. I expect that through PlantVillage we will be able to improve food security among families around Busia and Kenya in Large.”

                        Winnie Onyango-Agriculture Extension and Education

“My expectations   for this year is networking. I expect PlantVillage to create strong network through the ministry of agriculture of Busia County, institutions like KALRO, county and community to help Dream Team members gain accessibility to every area. I also expect that we will be disseminating diversified information to farmers by including livestock production. I also expect growth due to delegation of roles to Dream Team members to gain various skills.”

Kelvin Nyongesa-Agricultural Extension and Education

“My expectation is to be a team player to ensure realization of PlantVillage goal to empower farmers to reach food and financial security .My Personal expectation is to analyze the scientific aspect of traditional farming method and bringing feedback to the users.”


                                      Stellah Amakove-Agricultural Biotechnology

“I'm expecting that we work to achieve the objectives that we set at the end of last year. Obtaining the objectives will help us set a great place for PlantVillage. I also expect that the Dream Team will also learn more from other experts such as KALRO, KEPHIS or other agricultural institutions, experienced farmers as well as books so as to grow. We should learn and understand our farmers, and help them achieve what they really need, from their respective farming projects. i.e. subsistence and commercial”.

John Mayaka-Agricultural extension and education

“My expectation for the team is to broaden PlantVillage by reaching out to more farmers and achieving our 2020 goals. My Personal expectations is to become a leader, believe and have more confidence in what I do.”



                                Mercyline Tata-Linguistic, Media and communication


“My expectation this year is growth. I expect that as Dream Team we will grow and reach so many farmers in Kenya. I also expect that we will be able to engage more farmers on our PlantVillage social media platform, SMS platforms, blog and the PlantVillage website.”                   








Written by: Mercyline Tata

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