Posted on May 15, 2020


PlantVillage empowers small holder farmers by availing free Agriculture knowledge through mobile phones and farm visits.

Patrick Osangir, a PlantVillage farmer in Busia County, Teso North sub County, Angurai south ward has access to knowledge that help him grow more food.

What do you grow in your farm?

I plant mainly maize and cassava. I also plant tomatoes, bananas, beans, groundnuts and kales. Farming is a source of income that I use to pay bills such as school fees and other daily expenditure. My crops also supply nutrition to the family.

What is your general guide in planting maize? 

Early planting is a key factor to consider in maize production. To achieve this, I prepare my 7 acres of land early during dry season to facilitate easy killing of weeds and soil born pests and diseases. This also allows decomposition of organic matter. Early planting also ensures high utilization of nitrogen flush. The crops would also establish early than the weeds therefore resist the competition quite well.

Which maize variety do you plant?

I plants DK 8031 maize variety because of its high yielding and it takes a shorter time to mature.



Maximum yields I have attained is 20 bags of maize per acre. However right now there is too much water in the farm and it will affect my yields.

What challenges affect your production?

This year I have experienced too much rainfall which have led to increased water table in the farm and destruction of my crops. Other problems encountered includes;

High input price. I have resolved this by the help of 0ne Acre funds who provide loans with interest.

Other soil born pest like ants that I solve by applying chemicals.

Fall armyworm have been a major challenge in the previous years but I have been able to cope up with help of PlantVillage advice and knowledge through PlantVillage Nuru app, SMS program to 20307,farm visits and social media like PlantVillage Nuru WhatsApp group.

What advice from PlantVillage helps improve your production?

Advice of pest and diseases management, soil management in terms of controlling water in the farm by making drainage and weather information.










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