Posted on May 22, 2020



Nipande mihogo bora sio bora nipande mihogo


Joyce Apam from Busia County, Kenya is one happy farmer experiencing positive changes in her maize field after following the advice from PlantVillage. 

When did you join PlantVillage?

I joined 2018 when PlantVillage was introduced in Busia County.

What advice do you get from PlantVillage?

PlantVillage gives weather updates. They also respond to questions asked through their contact. They follow-up mostly on fall armyworm and cassava diseases.

How do you receive the advice?

Sometimes when I have urgency I call them. Initially before Covid _19 they used to visit me in my farm.

Right now I receive the advice mostly through calls and SMS to 20307.

How has PlantVillage been of help to you?

PlantVillage Nuru has helped me identify crop diseases. Right now I can know the disease by just looking at the crop. I can now say I am informed and I don’t have shortage of information.

Do you share this knowledge with other farmers?

Yes. I share the knowledge with my neighbors. When they see the outcome of the advice they are pleased.

I also share this knowledge through groups.

What behavior change have you noticed with these farmers?

These farmers are now informed to plant certified seeds without diseases. Initially one would go to the farm to just pick any seedlings to replant. Initially it was ‘’bora nipande mihogo but right now it is nipande mihogo bora.’’ (As long as I plant cassava but right now it is I plant good cassava)



written By;Mercyline Tata


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