Posted on May 26, 2020

Stages in post-harvest handling of common beans

Drying. Dry the common beans before threshing them. Thresh them before they properly dry results in damage on pods. Dry the pods on raised platforms, plastic, mat to avoid contact with moisture and other impurities.

It is advisable to do the threshing when the moisture level is 14-15%, If the seeds are too dry, the pods can be easily damaged during threshing, thresh the pods manually by beating with a stick.

After threshing, winnow to remove chaff. Grade the seeds to remove dust, damaged, broken and diseased seeds, separate the seeds by variety

Store the seeds in clean or disinfected bags when the moisture content is 13-15%, do not mix the newly harvested grain with stocks from previous harvests. Store the bags at least 1 meter away from the walls and on a raised platform. Store the bags in a non-leaking storehouse to avoid contact with moisture.

Treatment is done to protect the seed from damage by insect during storage, if the grain is going to be stored for longer periods, it is advisable to use chemical treatment but with care, but instead we advise farmers to use hermatic bags that were launched by the ministry of Agriculture. The bags can keep storage pests away from grains, for over two year, without chemical use.



Written By;Stellah Musonye

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