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Joseph Khaleke is a PlantVillage farmer from Kitale County Kesogon village whose goal is to be able to have a sustaining and well balanced food source from his farm by 2021. Joseph grows varieties of crops including different fruits. Currently, his farm has bananas, millet, passion fruits and sweet potatoes propagated for commercial purposes.

Joseph yields have increased from accessing Free farming knowledge from PlantVillage. He now supply healthy bananas to hotels in Kitale whereas his millet is supplied to schools around. Joseph is also a seed seller as he plants quality seed.

How did you join PlantVillage?

I first learned about PlantVillage from Facebook early this year and joined their WhatsApp channel to interact closely with other farmers.

I then learnt of PlantVillage free SMS Service and joined SMS platform by sending my questions to 20307. This has been helpful as I receive farming tips and expert answer my questions for free.

What problem did you have as a farmer?

Pest and diseases is a major problem. I was not able to identify the pest and disease affecting my banana or the control measures to curb it.

Also, I have experienced problem with the soil. For instance, pest hiding in the soil which in turn destroys the roots causing my crops to wilt.

How has PlantVillage Services helped you?

Being part of PlantVillage, I have expanded my farm knowledge .Through being part of these platforms, I have learnt about the type of fertilizer to top dress banana and the type of pesticide to spray on fruits .I shared my crop pictures through WhatsApp channel and was advised on how to go about my affected passion fruits. Right now, my passion fruit tree has more fruits.

Also, I have learnt about soil management practices whereby I no longer use lots of chemicals on my soil.

Joseph Khaleke is a reputable farmer in Kitale County and him being part of various farming projects, he uses those avenues to share about PlantVillage to other farmers.

''PlantVillage has remembered most farmers with feature phones who can now access free agricultural knowledge.'' says Joseph.



Written By;Mercyline Tata

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