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Dream Team Agro Consultancy Limited is engaging in mass production of parasitoids through its parasitoid rearing facility at Alupe University in collaboration with the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE). This initiative aims to help farmers produce more... Read full article

Written by Mercyline Tata

IPM Packages for Healthy Crops in Kenya

Mrs. Annette Orinyo from Alupe in Busia County has been farming for at least 5 years. In her farming experience, she grows maize, cassava, groundnuts, and vegetables and keeps cows to feed her family of five. Farming is especially difficult in Kenya, where plant insect pests,... Read full article

Written by Mercyline Tata

MARPLE Diagnostics Now in Kenya

Last week a group of seventeen rust pathologist from KALRO and Dream Team Agro Consultancy Limited took part in a one-week workshop to equip them on the use of a real-time plant diseases diagnostics surveillance for wheat rust diseases. Dr. Diane Saunders, a group leader at John... Read full article

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Augmentative Biocontrol of Fall Armyworm in Kenya

Fall armyworm (FAW) scientifically known as Spodoptera frugiperdais a destructive insect pest of maize capable of causing significant yield losses. The FAW larvae attacks maize plant at alldevelopmental stages. Since 2016 when it first reached Africa, the pest has... Read full article

Written by Mercyline Tata

Mobile App to Aid Potato Farmers in Honduras

The Current and Emerging Threats to Crops Innovation Lab (CETC IL) in Honduras, promoted by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Pennsylvania State University and Zamorano, is promoting the use of PlantVillage Nuruapplication with potato... Read full article

Written by Mercyline Tata

Late Blight Management in Developing Countries

Late blight diseases –caused by phytophthora infestans, remains one of the most destructive disease to potato farmers, costing them an estimated USD 3-10 billion per year globally. In Kenya where smallholder farmers grow potato, the disease can destroy as much as 70%... Read full article

Written by Mercyline Tata

MARPLE Training Workshop in Nepal

In terms of human consumption, wheat ranks the third most important cereal grain crop in Nepal. But the low productivity of the crop has been a constant issue in wheat production areas due to several factors, with problem of insect pests and diseases as themajor one. In Nepal,... Read full article
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