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Why did my seeds not grow?


Ok so I have been trying to to do the whole grow your own thing but I just can’t get anything to sprout. I gave up last year after spending too much money on seeds and supplies only to have nothing happen. I don’t know if there is any point trying again this year. All my seeds were in trays in...

Asked by: Susan Davis (0 points)   Posted: February 21, 2013

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Growing avocado from seed

Avocado    South Carolina

Has anybody ever managed to successfully grow an avocado tree from the seed of a store bought one. I have a seed that I have saved from an avocado I had last week. If I plant it will it grow into a tree and if so how do I do it... I’d love to try...

Asked by: Simon (0 points)   Posted: February 3, 2013

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How should I care for my strawberries in Spring?

Strawberry    NJ

My strawberry plants (like the rest of the garden) are in need of sprucing up this Spring. What should I be doing to get them back to their best? Should I prune the dead leaves? Also is it best to remove runners as they are produced to concentrate the plant's energy back to fruit production or...

Asked by: Beth Johnson (0 points)   Posted: April 5, 2013

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Why would I grow squash on hills?

Squash    None Given

I am investigating growing some squash and I frequently read that it should be grown on hills. Why is this, what benefit is it to the plant? Would you recommend growing this way and if so, how do I do it? Do I mound the soil up around the plant or plant seeds into it? A little confused here

Asked by: Angie Hayes (0 points)   Posted: April 4, 2013

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What edibles can I grow in the shade?

General    San Jose, CA

A good portion of my backyard is shady - probably only around 3-4 hours of sun per day due to tree cover, however I'd still like to try and grow something edible there to maximize my production. What plants will still produce something edible in this much shade?

Asked by: Amie Frisch (0 points)   Posted: February 13, 2013

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Praying mantis for controlling pest in the vegetable garden

General    CT

Has anybody ever purchased praying mantis egg cases? If so, would you recommend them as a method of keeping pest populations under control in your vegetables? I often see them in seed catalogs and wonder if I should give them a try - they eat beneficials too though right?

Asked by: Rod Morrison (0 points)   Posted: April 30, 2013

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Is it advisable to use root hormone to speed up growth of strawberries?

Strawberry    None Given

Question posted on behalf of Mwaura Gathuka from Kenya. I have been using root hormone to speed up growth of my strawberries. Is this advisable? The root hormone i have been using is AZATONE hormone. i usually deep the root end in a solution of the rooting hormone for 24 hours before planting.

Asked by: Deleted User (0 points)   Posted: March 2, 2013

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White spots and dead leaves on my mint

Mint    brooklyn, ny

I have white spots and dead leaves on my mint. I've sprayed with organic insecticide and funguscide and no difference. Any idea what it is? Any help will be greatly appreaciated. I've looked online and can't seem to find an answer. Hopefully my attachment will work

Asked by: michele (0 points)   Posted: August 10, 2014

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close up of mint leaf with white spots
White growth on ceramic pots

General    MI

This white stuff is growing all over my indoor ceramic pots which have my pepper plants growing in them. Is this a fungus or something? Could it be related to the death of my pepper plant which was in one of these pots? (Posted in pepper section). Is it something I should be concerned about and...

Asked by: Abby (0 points)   Posted: February 2, 2013

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What is this stuff?
Can anyone identify this disease of the oil palm?

Oil palm    Vietnamses

Dear Sirs/Madam My name is Thuan, I come from vietnamese. I have some pictures of the oil palm sick. I want to know what it is. please show me know the cause and how to prevent this disease Please help me. Thank you very much ( I am not good at english, lol) Periods of a disease...

Asked by: Thuan_attapeu (0 points)   Posted: July 30, 2013

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Yellowing leaves on pepper plants

Pepper, bell    Richmond, VA

I have a purple bell pepper and a jalapeno in a straw bale garden and have noticed that the leaves appear to be yellowing, the plant is not growing much, and now there are some small brown, dry spots on the leaves. The flowers on the plants have yet to open. I have tried Dr. Earth fish/seaweed...

Asked by: Amanda (0 points)   Posted: May 25, 2014

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Using spoiled straw for mulch: any disadvantages?

General    northern California

The good news: straw bales are available at one of the community gardens. The bad news: the straw bales cost $10 and have not been stored well, so they are mostly spoiled. I hauled one out from under the tarp and not only was it crawling with ants, but at least half of it was dark brown/black....

Asked by: Tanya in the Garden (0 points)   Posted: June 7, 2013

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Banana tree turning yellow and wilting

Banana    None Given

Hello All, I bought a Banana tree that's about 3 years old it was healthy in a pot and It was doing ok until I transplanted it to the ground. It was good for about 2 weeks and then it's big huge leaves started yellowing and wilting as if it is dying. I was watering it once every 3 days,...

Asked by: reem (0 points)   Posted: June 30, 2014

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Bad soursop fruits

Apple    None Given

Why do my soursop turn black and moldy before ripen. What's wrong with the tree or fruits. What is the solution? Hope someone can help.

Asked by: choy lai kam (0 points)   Posted: April 12, 2016

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Soursop fruits turning black n moldy 
before ripen .
Cannot tell the difference between a brussel sprout plant AND a collard green plant.

Brussels sprouts    None Given

I thought I was growing collard green but now there are bumps forming on the stock and this makes me think I have a brussel sprout plant instead. Do I?

Asked by: Shelley (0 points)   Posted: August 25, 2013

4 answers    7955 views
Cracking of mango fruits

Mango    None Given

Mango fruits of my tree are cracking. What kind of disease is this and please suggest control measure for next season? I am located in Myanmar.

Asked by: Myo Aung (0 points)   Posted: April 30, 2017

3 answers    7876 views
Cracked mango fruits
Holes and fuzzy white balls on plum prune leaves

Plum and prune    OH Zone 6

My prune plum tree's leaves are being eaten by something which I have so far been unable to identify. There are ragged holes in many of the leaves and there is also many white fuzzy balls on the leaves that look like they may be egg cases of some sort. I have attached a few pictures of the...

Asked by: Rosemarie (0 points)   Posted: August 6, 2013

3 answers    7849 views
Egg case?
Corn Plants but No Ears?

Maize (corn)    Florida

I have another corn question from someone who has a beautiful corn stand in their garden but no sign of ears. Nearly 10 ft tall. They are using Heirloom Truckers Favorite. They say their neighbors corn is coming in nicely, but they used a different type. No idea what kind. From the research I...

Asked by: Shi1 (0 points)   Posted: August 21, 2013

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Sunflower leaf yellow/brown spots/puckered. Need help

Sunflower    None Given

These are mammoth sunflowers. About six weeks old. One and a half feet tall. I was hoping to have beautiful flowers for the summer and harvest the seeds in the end. Now I'm not sure I'll make it there. I don't know if this is disease or pest or both. Can someone please help I am very new to...

Asked by: Missi (0 points)   Posted: May 6, 2017

4 answers    7750 views
4. Back.  Another example of translucent brittle material. It is not cottony. It appears as if something ate the plant flesh from the inside and left the outer membrane to dry
How to grow radish in a bag?


Somebody mentioned to me that they used to grow radish in a plastic bag and that it was really easy. Could someone tell me how to do this? I want to try it

Asked by: Krissie (0 points)   Posted: April 10, 2013

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Will it die if I prune too harshly.

Papaya (pawpaw)    None Given

Hi, please could someone help. We've moved into a home with a HUGE papaya. It's magnificent..... But has hundreds of small fruit that drop too soon and go to waste ........ And the few 4 to 6 pound ones are very hard or impossible To get to. I don't want to kill it but I'd love to cut it to...

Asked by: Lyndsay (0 points)   Posted: November 1, 2016

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Black Fungus or Mold? Inside Grapefruit.

Grapefruit    None Given

I love grapefruit and eat a lot of it, but I've run into this a few times now. What is it? There was no blemish or bruising to the skin of the grapefruit. This dark colored stuff looks like it grew inside somehow.

Asked by: Steve Moonlight (0 points)   Posted: March 22, 2016

3 answers    7691 views
Looks like some kind of black mold inside a grapefruit section. The skin had no blemish.
Maintaining productivity of tomatoes in high tunnels

Tomato    None Given

I grow tomatoes organically in high tunnels. The tomatoes are grown in the ground, irrigated using drip, trellised on a string and with the exception of the cherries, fully suckered. The plants do great through mid-August, but start to run out of gas and productivity falls significantly in...

Asked by: Andy Fellenz (0 points)   Posted: April 20, 2013

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What vegetables can I plant on a slope and what's the right way to do it?

General    near Johnstown, PA

Towards the end of my back yard there is a slope down towards an old railroad. I go back and forth on whether I should plant anything there. We usually plant in an area closer to the house but it is tempting to extend our garden to plant a few more vegetables. The truth is I am not sure of what...

Asked by: Larry Pelenski (0 points)   Posted: April 11, 2013

2 answers    7599 views
Leaves on pea plant turning brown

Pea    NY

My container garden on my balcony has been going quite well recently but I have ran into a problem with my peas. I am growing Burpees Super Snappy and had been trying to get them to climb the balcony railings. I have noticed that the very bottom leaves of a few of the plants have turned brown and...

Asked by: Sophie Brooks (0 points)   Posted: May 30, 2013

1 answer    7555 views
Brown leaves on pea plants
What is this large-leafed weed that grows near other shrubs


Here are two photos of a large-leafed weed. I have a scale of my hand for it since it is a large leaf and weed. Grabbed as much as I could out of it and just threw it out. They will grow back by the end of the summer, so I just wanna know what this is and how it could be used. Thanks alot! Peace...

Asked by: Roseann Sorrentino (0 points)   Posted: April 25, 2013

4 answers    7545 views
same plant with more of its leaves for ideal description.
Link to list of dioecious and monoecious plants?

General    None Given

can someone direct me to a link or a chart that lists the dioescious and the monoecious vegetables, leaves, and fruits please. Thanks

Asked by: reem (0 points)   Posted: November 18, 2014

1 answer    7533 views
Why are the kale leaves turning shiny white?

Kale    NYC

Does anyone know what is wrong with my kale leaves? They are turning shiny white from the inside outwards. When you touch it, it comes off like powder. I think it's powdery mildew. I used a baking soda soap mix to get rid of it before. Now it's back again. How to safely get rid of it again? Why...

Asked by: michelle (0 points)   Posted: July 25, 2014

5 answers    7517 views
Up close pic of the leaves.  When I rub on it the powder comes off. When I clean it with clean water it does nothing to it.
Is tree male or female ?

Papaya (pawpaw)    India (Western region)

Is my tree male or female ? It's around 8 months old , also one month back flowers started to open but now flowers are falling off before opening.

Asked by: Pratik Dalsania (0 points)   Posted: October 5, 2016

1 answer    7435 views
Tree is planted on roof .
Apple trunk lesion

Apple    Albuquerque, NM Zone 7b

Trying to figure out what is going on with this apple trees trunk it is about 3 years old.The lesion appears to be spreading growing. Any ideas and or treatments would be appreciated.

Asked by: Wurgulf (0 points)   Posted: April 23, 2013

3 answers    7397 views
The Lesion
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