Mulberry Tree - new leaves drying up from the tips

Mulberry    District of Columbia

Hi there! Please help - I've been putting so much effort into this tree, I don't want to see it die :(

I'm growing a mulberry tree at home and it finally got a new branch growing. However I noticed that two of the new leaves are drying from the tips and one got darker veins; there's also an old leave that got a lot of brown/dry patches; these seem to be different issues. What can these be?
I water regularly; soil is regularly moist (the very bottom reads wet, it's probably not draining the best)

Thanks a lot in forward!

Posted by: Nina N (3 points) Nina N
Posted: May 11, 2023


You can try adding plant fertilizers and nutrient products to balance deficiencies in plants. It is common in leaves and it may also occure due to climatic and environmental changes as well. Check this website, https://ariesagro.com/

Posted by: Aries Agro (10 points) Aries Agro
Posted: May 11, 2023

Looking at the plant, this could be mulberry rust or otherwise, it could be fungi created by too wet soil.

Posted by: Ibraimo Zadoc Braimo (9 points) Ibraimo Zadoc Braimo
Posted: May 11, 2023

Hello, I think it is a bacterial disease: fire blight

Posted by: SEKA (1 point) SEKA
Posted: May 13, 2023

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