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General    Siaya County,Kenya

i saw this affecting trees in my area,what could be the course

Posted by: remmy otieno (1 point) remmy otieno
Posted: May 13, 2023


There could be many reasons for it. Like pollution, exposure to climatic hazards, and also if tree lacks in nutrients and other required supplies, trees might turn like this. I recommend to add pesticide and any chemical free fertilizers to protect trees from any bacteria or insects attack. I suggest you to check with this website, https://ariesagro.com/ - if required, consult with the team to find issues in exact way. They also has released lots of nutrient and fertilizer products on their website for effective plant growth and structure.

Posted by: Aries Agro (27 points) Aries Agro
Posted: May 15, 2023

Could be some bacterial infection... someone once told me. I too is eager to know

Posted by: Hilary Agunda (1 point) Hilary Agunda
Posted: May 13, 2023

remmy otieno commented,
seems to affect aesthetic trees more
7 months ago.

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