Chill pepper fruits

Chilli Pepper    Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

The fruits of the sweet pepper have been affected which is showing the blight and in some point the fruits showed the rotting, so what you will have said about it?

Posted by: Alex (1 point) Alex
Posted: June 7, 2023


Phytophothora blight on pepper 🌶️ 1. Practice high farm sanitation. 2. Harvest the rotten fruits and bury. 3. Prun excess biomass for sunlight and aeration. 4. Apply a systemic fungicide eg Ridomil Gold SC(mefenoxa) one sachet/ 15L of water or Carbendazim @ 60gms/ 15L of water at 2 weeks interval. 5. Select seed from healthy plants for the next planting.

Posted by: Eunice Ama Nani (2 points) Eunice Ama Nani
Posted: June 8, 2023

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