Pumpkin: Problem from possible stings or rot?

Pumpkin    Wellington, South Africa

I have had prolific flowering on my test bed of Flat White Boer pumpkin, but most of the fruit (?) did not develop. It showed signs of stings when still very tiny, turn yellowish, shrivelled and went rotten. I have sprayed for white fly but it did not seem to have an effect. Can anyone advise please?

Posted by: Chris (2 points) Chris
Posted: January 12, 2017


Maybe this problem is caused by pickleworm, Diaphania nitidalis ? The holes look pretty regular vs irregular, and is that frass (caterpillar waste) visible in or around the hole?

I cultural (non chemical) way to control for this pest in the future would be to use covers for your plants. This can also help protect your pumpkins from cucumber beetles, which are another major pest of pumpkins.

Posted by: Sheena Sidhu (19 points) Sheena Sidhu
Posted: February 8, 2017

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