Can I plant dill bought from Farmer's market?

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I bought a bunch of dill from the local Farmer's market a couple of days ago and it still had the roots. I used very little of it and wondered if it might be worth replanting the rest. Has anybody managed this successfully? I put it in a glass of water as it was getting wyes until I can decide the best thing to do with it. Many thanks

Posted by: Vicki Albright (2 points) Vicki Albright
Posted: August 27, 2013

Karen Cassidy commented,
Dill does have a tendency to run to seed when stressed, so you might not get to pick many leaves from it if it does grow, On the plus side, it'll self-seed in your garden so you'll have plenty of dill next spring :)
over 6 years ago.


I would say it depends on the treatment the roots had and the elapsed time since they were uprooted. It is now probably too late for them -but you can always give it a try, starting by putting them in water!-. Because it is a delicate plant, even transplanting can be tricky. I strongly suggest you plant a few seeds next Spring; they do very well given the right conditions (sun, not too much wind). At the end of the season, the seeds falling on the ground from the flowers will ensure next year's production (you might even have too much of it!).

Posted by: acuna_matata (4 points) acuna_matata
Posted: August 31, 2013

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