Pepper leaves turning yellow and curling

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I started many pepper plants from organic seeds in a good potting mix but then i started noticing these yellow shades in their leaves and the curling of the upper new leaves not the lower! I searched for pests but nothing - no aphids, mites or anything else! is a viral or a deficiency?

Posted by: reem (9 points) reem
Posted: August 5, 2015


Leaf curling can be an indicator of various problems, including heat stress, water stress, pests or a nutrient deficiency and it is hard to tell 100% from the images. I'm concerned by the leaves in the center of the plant. They do look very distorted. It could be a virus. Could you snap a couple of pics of the younger leaves in the center? It's easy to upload to the original post. Just click on the blue edit button at the bottom of the question and you will see the usual image editing area - click the green "add image" button to add new images to the post.

Posted by: Lindsay McMenemy (167 points) Lindsay McMenemy
Posted: August 6, 2015

reem commented,
Lindsy, im not able to edit the images since long time back i can only edit writting but thats it
almost 4 years ago.

Lindsay McMenemy commented,
That is strange. Ok then feel free to post them in a new question and I will add them to the old question for you
almost 4 years ago.

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