Problem with cucumber


Could you please tell me what the causes of this problem are in cucumber?

Posted by: elaheh gerami (1 point) elaheh gerami
Posted: May 13, 2015


It loos like edema to me (also written as oedema). This is not an infectious disease but is a problem of water supply.
These are swellings and/or blisters or calluses on leaves caused by rupturing epidermal and inner leaf cells. The plant is taking up water too quickly and cannot release it from the leaf, leading to rupturing of the cells in the leaves and this characteristic warty appearance.

Edema occurs when water is absorbed from the soil faster than it can be transpired through the leaves and is caused by soil being warmer than the surrounding air. Is the soil waterlogged? Check to see if you can improve the drainage

Posted by: David Hughes (52 points) David Hughes
Posted: May 13, 2015

elaheh gerami commented,
Hi professor Lindsay McMenemy
How are you?
I have a special thanks in advance for your coopration with me.
I think so it is a physiological disease but there is an important point to know.
this problem just has been seen in lower leaves.
Also It has been observed sporadically in greenhouse
I really appreciate if you could explain about it. Thanks a million
I hope you will be successful.

almost 5 years ago.

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