Should you trim back aphid damaged leaves on cucumber?

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I am trying my hand at a veggie garden. My cucumbers were going fierce, climbing, flowers, great foliage. Then an aphid attack. I am spraying with neem oil, and plan on making my own garlic/onion/hot pepper/oil& soap concoction, but what about the damaged leaves? They can't be doing any good for the plant? They are deformed, tons of holes, they just look awful.

Should I do a cutback, spray again with pest control and see how the plants do?

Posted by: Monica Lee (1 point) Monica Lee
Posted: June 2, 2015

Brandon Davis commented,
If the plant was loosing more energy by keeping the leaves, it would kill the leaves. Cucumbers have only a few months to grow and reproduce, every leaf is an investment of energy and nutrients and is needed to achieve maximum yield. Furthermore sap flow is regulated by photosynthesizing tissue, by removing leaves you can mechanically slow the growth for days, which equates to yield loss. I would use this opportunity to learn how to kill aphids without loosing leaves. I would suggest not cutting off the leaves.
about 4 years ago.


Good luck with the oil & concoction!

I would definitely prune those leaves. Indeed, if your aphid population is limited to just a few leaves then the pruning might already be the only necessary control measure. Even if that's not the case, the aphids seemed to have liked those leaves a lot, so best to get rid of them and dispose of any left over aphids / eggs they may harbor. Has the added benefit of looking nicer, too.

Posted by: deactivated (25 points) deactivated
Posted: June 7, 2015

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