Mango farm production falls by 50% - why?

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I have a mango farm (In India) of 40 acres and about 4000 trees of mangoes. In the last 5 years the production of mangoes has fallen by 50%. Can you help me?

Posted by: Aditya Saraf (1 point) Aditya Saraf
Posted: April 29, 2016

deactivated commented,
Hi Aditya, it is impossible to help here - where are you? And do you see any signs of nutritional stress or disease on the trees? If so, please upload pictures.
over 4 years ago.

deactivated commented,
Are all the trees the same age?
over 4 years ago.

Aditya Saraf commented,
Marcel bro im from india the home of mango,, no sign of nutritional or disease on the trees,, the growth of all trees are very nice,, yaa will upload soon
over 4 years ago.

David Hughes commented,
Where exactly in India are you? Have you heard of other farms losing yields? We can check the weather logs but has it been increasing hot in you area? Have you noticed a decline in flowers or pollinators. Are you able to tell the difference between male and female flowers ?
over 4 years ago.

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