Cucumbers dying

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Hi, my cucumbers bloom and make a baby plant but then it dies off :( how do I save them?

Posted by: Ella (1 point) Ella
Posted: September 10, 2016


Cucumbers have male and female flowers. The female ones have the baby cucumbers behind the flower. They need the pollen to be transferred from a male flower for the fruit to develop. Otherwise the female flower and baby fruit die off. Usually this is done by bees and other pollinators, but you can use a q-tip to transfer the pollen from the male flower by hand.

Posted by: Zak K. (2 points) Zak K.
Posted: September 11, 2016

Ella commented,
Wow Zak thank you so much! I guess I will know better for next year. I have so many female ones but at the moment no males :(
almost 4 years ago.

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