My lavender planter is getting moldy.

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So I have been trying for 2 years now to grow lavender from seeds. And finally this year I did it. I have 17 little lavenders that I guard and baby as much as I do my 1 year old baby. Lol. Anyways, I moved them out of the seed trays and repotted 2 of them in a large wicker basket. Last night we was getting some bad storms so I brought them inside, and this morning I woke up to the outside of the basket covered in a white fuzzy mold. Should I get my babies out of the basket ASAP or will they be ok ??

Posted by: sarah (2 points) sarah
Posted: June 12, 2014


Generally, Plants do not like to go back-and-forth from inside to outside., and especially outside to in. Depending on the temperatures, you would probably be best served if the plants are intended to be outside plants to leave them outside, and if there is going to be a particular strong storm (heavy rain, strong winds, big hail,) protect them with something.

A large square plastic tub overturned with the ends cut out is an instan "hoop house" that can withstand moderate hail. Your mold (or more likely fungus) is growing because it was moved from an outdoor area where they spores are wild and likely rampant but controlled by the environment to an ideal growing place, the company confines of your home. ...

Posted by: Roger Gray (6 points) Roger Gray
Posted: June 13, 2014

sarah commented,
Thank you so much roger. I took your advice and left them stay outside, and they are doing great! Thanks for the helpful info.
about 6 years ago.

Kerry Mauck commented,
Hi Sarah,

The wicker basket is also probably part of the issue, since fungi will grow on the woody material that makes up the basket as it soaks up water from the soil inside. For the rest of your seedlings, it might be better to transplant to a plastic or terracotta pot that is not as tasty for fungi. You can make plastic pots out of old bottles or containers as long as you put a few drainage holes in the bottom (about the diameter of a dime).

about 6 years ago.

It sounds to me like the warmth of your house allowed mold to grow on the basket where spores must have already been present. Wicker wouldn't be my first choice for lavender. Lavender likes really good drainage, sun and not too much water.

Roger Gray has a very good idea to make a shelter if you think your plant would be damaged by hail or strong wind. Even a garage would be better than bringing the plant indoors, I think.

I would repot the lavender in a different container- terra cotta is excellent for lavender, although, with good draining soil, plastic pots are OK.

Good luck with your babies!

Posted by: Cindy Meredith (1 point) Cindy Meredith
Posted: June 30, 2014

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