Why does my Cat Nip not germinate?

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Started Cat Nip indoors under lights 14 Days ago, followed directions temp is about 60 Deg but getting nothing. help!

Posted by: Wayne Clingman (2 points) Wayne Clingman
Posted: April 10, 2013


I found that while germinating very fine seeds like catnip I had to keep the top of the soil fairly moist since the seeds are not planted very deeply and the surface dries out so fast. A walmart sack or cut translucent plastic set on top of the seed starting area helped retain moisture while waiting for germination so I did not have to mist the soil twice a day. It took my cat nip at least 14 days to germinate.

Same with lemon balm, basil and most plants in that mint family (Lamiaceae http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lamiaceae) very fine seeded and shallow requiring more care to maintain moisture.

Anyhow, keep em moist, horticulture is a test of patience and good luck.

Posted by: Wurgulf (1 point) Wurgulf
Posted: April 11, 2013

Wayne Clingman commented,
Thank you!
over 10 years ago.

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