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What is ailing my mango tree in South Florida? Is it the same thing affecting my avocado tree? Leaves are spotted and it won't bare fruit after blossoming? Help!

Posted by: Cee Gordon (1 point) Cee Gordon
Posted: March 4, 2017


Mango Anthracnose Disease: Black Spots on Leaves

The disease produces leaf spot that varies from brown to black, blossom blight, wither tip, twig blight and fruit rot symptoms. Tender shoots and foliage are easily affected which ultimately cause „die back‟ of young branches. Older twigs may also be infected through wounds which in severe cases may be fatal.

Prune trees yearly and remove fallen plant debris from the ground.
Wider plant spacing will inhibit severe epidemics. Intercropping with other types of trees that are not hosts of mango anthracnose will inhibit epidemics.
Periodic fungicide sprays. at the right time are very critical for adequate disease control.

Posted by: Rupinder Singh (13 points) Rupinder Singh
Posted: March 5, 2017

Yes I believe it is Mango anthracnose disease because of the way the lesions appear and how they have grouped together (coalesced) down the edge of the leaves. Other diseases with similar looking lesions like bacterial leaf spot do not give off this same phenotype. The lesions that are white/gray seem to have dried out in the sun but the other darker lesions appear to be anthracnose. The management strategies that Rupinder has listed should help. They have this disease listed on their mango page as well https://www.plantvillage.org/en/topic...

Posted by: Kelsee Baranowski (3 points) Kelsee Baranowski
Posted: March 13, 2017

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