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Thank you very much for your answer to my previous question.
Could you please clarify for me the meaning of the terms early, mid and late as they refer to potatoes
Does it mean that those terms refer to the best time in the season that they should be planted or does it refer to
the time it takes them to mature?
Thank you very much for your assistance
Yours sincerely
Lindsay Armstrong

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Posted: October 5, 2014


The early/mid/late refers to how quickly the mature. In all cases you plant in spring, before the last average frost dates (do you get frost?). Early potatoes will mature in summer; midseason and late potatoes will mature and be ready in the in fall.

This is from a number of different universities in the US but applicable also to Australia

"Potatoes are broadly grouped according to the average number of days needed to reach maturity (when tubers reach an edible size.) Different growers will use different classifications. Here are a few:
* Very early earlies (early, early summer) -- 75 days
* Early (early summer) -- 90 days
* Mid or maincrop—( mid-summer) -- 110 days
* Maincrop to late maincrop (summer into autumn) -- 135-160 days "

Washington State: http://potatoes.wsu.edu/varieties/blu...
Oregon State: http://oregonstate.edu/potatoes/varie...
Cornell Extension: http://vegvariety.cce.cornell.edu/ind... (extensive list)

It is important for you to know your frost date and how hot/dry the summer will be.

Have grown potatoes before?

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Posted: October 5, 2014

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