Can I grow garlic in pots on patio?

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I think I want to try growing elephant garlic but I wondered if I can grow these in pots placed in a sunny part of my patio? The aim is to save some space, is elephant garlic suited to containers? How deep would it need to be?

Posted by: Sarah E (1 point) Sarah E
Posted: April 3, 2013


Oh yes you can. I would want a pot at least 12 inches deep though, now I would say depending on your climate you might not get good bulb formation by starting garlic from cloves now. Somthing about the cloves desiring x hours of chill to get the message to bulb out. Though you can still use the greens to the same flavor effects. And keep them alive to form bulbs the follow year. Jon from "grow your own greens" on YouTube grew I think 50 bulbs in a half whiskey cask on his driveway.

Though your saying you're doing this to save some space, so you may want to consider interplanting garlic with other plants whether in containers or in the ground. Companion planting guides say it lends very well for this use just stay away from Beans Peas and Parsley so says http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_... .

I have tossed it around my tomatoes peppers and potatoes and have not seen anything negative about the space sharing.

Good luck on your garlic, let us know what you choose and how it turns out.

Posted by: Wurgulf (45 points) Wurgulf
Posted: April 3, 2013

Sarah E commented,
Great pictures Wurgulf. I think I may go ahead and plant in containers and stay patient for next year. I love the whiskey barrel, where did you get it?
over 7 years ago.

Wurgulf commented,
The previous homeowners were kind enough to leave two of them behind. though I know there are places that will sell them for about 40 or more dollars (garden centers and the like)
over 7 years ago.

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