What can I do to help my overwintered lavender along this spring?

Lavender    OH Zone 6

I planted out a few lavender plants this past Fall for the first time and I am eagerly awaiting the onset of Spring to see how it faired over winter. What can I do to ensure it gets off to a good start after it wakes up?

Posted by: Rosemarie (2 points) Rosemarie
Posted: March 29, 2013

Philly Mom commented,
My container lavender had a hard winter (warm-cold-warm-cold) and it looked pretty dead -- but I trimmed back some plants anyway, hoping for new growth. The trimmed plants died, but the others didn't. So, if there's possible root damage fro frost, tread lightly on the spring trimming.
over 8 years ago.


Lavender is very hardy and shouldn't have any problems this Spring if it had enough time to establish last Fall. I've literally never fertilized my lavender and it has remained quite happy. There will usually be some winter die-back of leaves so if you want to prune a little you can (to prevent it from getting too woody). But really I think you should be all set by just sitting back and watching it grow.

Posted by: Kathryn Fiedler (72 points) Kathryn Fiedler
Posted: April 1, 2013

Rosemarie commented,
Thanks Kathryn - my first time growing it so just trying to be prepared
over 9 years ago.

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