Just introducing myself I am the owner of Earthly Remedies by Erin
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Hi everyone I am the owner of Earthly Remedies. I am quite familiar with a bunch of medicinal herbs and I grow a lot of my own. I also grow a large selection of fresh vegetables and fruit each year. If you ever have questions about herbs and what they can be used for or even how to grow them. Please let me know, for the most part I should be able to answer them!!

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Posted: April 18, 2013

David Hughes commented,
Erin, welcome to PV. We dont use the question format for introducing ourselves. I see you have filled out your profile and posted a link which is great. Do please keep checking back for questions you can answer. There are already hundreds of questions so many you can already begin answering. We will close this question as it is not a real question, but again, you are very welcome and delighted to have you.

over 9 years ago.

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