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I want to start an edible mushroom garden, the thing is I live in Saudi Arabia and we don't have trees here but some tropical trees like conocarpus tree whitch is 6-8 in diameter. Can I grow edible mushrooms in compost and wood chips? Do I have to have tree logs to be able to grow mushroom spawn or plugs ? Plz help

Posted by: reem (9 points) reem
Posted: December 10, 2014

Nicole Castle Brookus commented,
You may want to investigate native/naturalized varieties, and follow up on if any of these will grow on Conocarpus. http://www.idosi.org/wjas/wjas2(1)/1.pdf
almost 6 years ago.


It should still be possible for you to grow your own mushrooms. Not all mushrooms need to grow on logs like the oyster varieties. Agaricus mushrooms (common white mushrooms) are grown in trays of organic material such as compost or manure. The mushrooms should be grown in a cool, moist and well ventilated area. The growing medium is inoculated with spawn which you should obtain from a reputable source. If you have access to all of these resources, including a suitable location for growing then you should be able to grow your own mushrooms very successfully. Let us know if you have any further questions about the specifics.

Posted by: Lindsay McMenemy (2 points) Lindsay McMenemy
Posted: December 11, 2014

reem commented,
Here in saudi we have a very poor tree incitement !!!

We only have palms and tropical street trees like Conocarpus.

Can I use the Conocarpus logs to grow mushrooms

almost 6 years ago.

Lindsay McMenemy commented,
I believe some oyster mushrooms grow on palm wood so I'd be inclined to think that it would be ok. I am not sure about the Conocarpus.
almost 6 years ago.

You can grow oyster mushrooms in pastuerized straw very easily. also Winecap mushrooms (like a cross between white mushrooms and portabella )grow in wood chips . Check out the book mycellium running .It will be very helpful in your understanding of mushrooms. People grow mushrooms in rolls of toilet paper, cardboard boxes and many other media You tube is full of great ideas .Hope this helps.

Posted by: Tony (8 points) Tony
Posted: December 16, 2014

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