possibly from a plant but yesterday was the first day I didn't garden
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okay this may be a bit odd but I need to ask people if they know about bites? would anyone know what kind of bite this is. I thought I saw a mosquito bite on this spot last night, but now after waking at 7am, there is no bump but a circle bump slightly larger than a half dollar coin. ANY suggestions without assuming doctor or ER visit?
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Posted by: Roseann Sorrentino (3 points) Roseann Sorrentino
Posted: June 26, 2013


It could be a tick transmitting lyme disease which is distinguished by a red rash that grows in size and then whitens in the centre to form a bull's eye mark. See what happens over the coming days. Not all ticks have lyme disease (more prevalent in Eastern US) and only 2% of bites result in transmission.

If you are in a tick area have a blood test to check. Lyme disease is easily treated with antibiotics when caught early

(of course it could be a general reaction to another bite.)

Posted by: David Hughes (65 points) David Hughes
Posted: June 26, 2013

Roseann Sorrentino commented,
yes I believe the swelling is going down. After two pills of benadryl and nasal spray. :-) I'm afraid if I'm gonna be working out there all summer I will be seeing many of the bites again. Just gotta keep spraying my natural repellant sprays :-o
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Of course, your rash could be a general reaction to any kind of insect or spider bite. But take a look at the map of the 2013 Lyme disease threat http://bit.ly/14XTrRr

A Lyme rash can take many forms http://www.lyme.org/gallery/rashes.html. It can come and go, can appear months after the original bite, and can appear anywhere on the body, including far from the site of the initial bite. (Many people who become infected with Lyme don't get a rash and don't even know they were bitten by a tick. )

Lyme is a serious disease, but can be easily treated if caught very early. I'd suggest checking in soon with your medical provider.

I've never seen evidence that "natural repellents" will repel ticks. The only tick repellent tested and approved as effective is a strong formulation of DEET.

I don't like using DEET, so (enhancing my reputation as the village eccentric) I wear a complete Bug Baffler suit when I'm out in the woods, in tall grass, or while I'm doing intensive work in my garden. The also foils blackflies, mosquitoes, deep flies, spiders, and other biters & stingers. A bit claustrophobic, but overall a terrific investment in my health and wellbeing.

I also check every part of my body for ticks before going to bed each night, including behind my ears, in my bellybutton, between my toes, in my scalp, and behind my knees. It takes an infected black-legged tick a while to infect a person, so frequent checks should help prevent an infection.

Posted by: Peg Boyles (5 points) Peg Boyles
Posted: June 26, 2013

IF it is a lyme tick bite it will not itch but probably present what's known as a "bull's eye" = red ring. Lyme ticks are all over. The important thing is to get it checked and treated asap. The sooner the better as untreated = rheumatoid developments in later life. To avoid future bites, AT LEAST wear long pants tucked in to socks or boots in fields, gardens, anywhere with long grass (altho' they're also in the city.) AND shower using a scrub cloth/brush everywhere before bed each night. If you live with a partner, have them check where you can't see nightly for those marks. Lastly, not all Lyme disease makes a bull's eye. The s&s include the mark but also a week or so of feeling like you've got the flu starting a few days after the bite along with pain in the joints on when doing things like walking up and down stairs. That all goes away for a long time but, if left untreated, can return with a wollop in later life.

Posted by: Sally & Jim Hammerman (2 points) Sally & Jim Hammerman
Posted: June 26, 2013

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