Making a vegetable garden from scratch


I want to plant a vegetable garden in my yard which is currently covered in grass. I want to cut away a section of the grass to make room for the vegetables but I’m not sure what I should do to the soil underneath to make it suitable for growing. Can i just dig it to loosen it up or is it best to add new soil?

Posted by: Danielle (1 point) Danielle
Posted: February 24, 2013


There's a few ways to do it depending on how much effort you want to put in and what equipment you have. Ideally you would want to rototill your plot, mix in compost or manure or chemical fertilizer (not just apply on top) and fence it in with chicken wire to ward off bunnies and deer. If you don't have a rototiller then hoeing will work. Start seeds soon in small pots then transplant to your garden when warm enough. Depending on the quality of your soil, how clayey it is and things, you may want to add topsoil. To reduce weeds and hold in moisture, mulch it after planting. This is a thorough way if doing it but if you don't want to put that much work into it you don't necessarily have to.

Posted by: Matt Peoples (7 points) Matt Peoples
Posted: February 25, 2013

Danielle commented,
Hi Matt, thank you for your suggestions. I have been trying to find information out online and I think I read somewhere that it might be possible to just put some cardboard down over the grass and then cover with soil, would this kill the grass off or do you think is it best just to dig it up?
over 7 years ago.

Matt Peoples commented,
That will kill the grass, but it won't loosen the soil. If there's not much clay in your soil you may not have to dig it up more than the hole you transplant into. For best results though I would recommend at least a little fluffing of the soil to mix with whatever fertilizer you choose and to aerate the soil.
over 7 years ago.

Sure you can plant, just lay cardboard down, and start putting your layers of dried leaves, grass clippings well rotten manure, etc. pretty soon you will have a rich garden bed. Google "lasagna garden" for more ideas.

Posted by: Donna Adrian (2 points) Donna Adrian
Posted: February 28, 2013

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