Tanjore wilt

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The symptoms look similar to that of TANJORE WILT. There is sudden attack found in many trees. Which is the best method to control the spread of the disease? What are all the management measures?

Posted by: Bharath Krishnan (1 point) Bharath Krishnan
Posted: April 21, 2017


Tanjore Wilt is also called basal stem rot disease. Fungicides do not offer a permanent solution to the affected tree. Some effective treatments include biofertilizers (phosphobacteria 200 g in 10 kg farmyard manure). Trichoderma harzianum (T. harzianum) applied with green leaves, neem cake, r farmyard manure is also an effective management treatment.
Reference: Flood, J., Bridge, P.D. and Holderness, M. eds., 2000. Ganoderma diseases of perennial crops. CABI.

Posted by: Amanda (2 points) Amanda
Posted: April 23, 2017

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