Snapdragon pest
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Both my snapdragon plants are beautiful and growing really well but today I moved one of the pot and found these clear and small bugs that almost look like maggots. There was a whole bunch. I moved the plant, next day same thing happened in the new location. Help!!

Posted by: Elizabeth (1 point) Elizabeth
Posted: July 1, 2014

Susan League, UF/IFAS Sumter Program Assistant commented,
You said the plant looks fine so it must not be a snapdragon pest - at least maybe not yet. Have you noticed any small flying gnat-type insects around the soil of the pot? I cannot really see the larvae up close but it could possibly be soil fungus gnats, which have 4 larval instars. If so, it would have a black head and a clear to white, legless body. Can you take a close up look at them and see if that aptly describes them?
over 8 years ago.

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