What is causing the leaves of my tomato plant to curl?

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Any help on what would make these leaves curl up and feel leathery. Plant has flowers for a bit now but doesn't seem to be growing tomatoes and it is growing in a pot

Posted by: tim (2 points) tim
Posted: June 8, 2014

Lindsay McMenemy commented,
+ 1 point for providing images
almost 6 years ago.


Hey Tim, thanks for the photo.

From your picture it appears as if the leaf is losing its green color or almost turning yellow in the spaces between the the veins. This most likely means that your plant has tomato mosaic virus. Some of the symptoms include the diagnostic lose of color between the veins giving it a mosaic pattern, leaf roll and lose of fruit yield.

Unfortunately there is not treatment for tomato mosaic virus. Some ways to prevent the spread of the virus can be found here http://tomatodiseasehelp.com/mosaic-v...

Useful Links:

Posted by: Ryan Bringenberg (3 points) Ryan Bringenberg
Posted: June 9, 2014

tim commented,
New photo is up
almost 6 years ago.

Hi Tim,

I think this might actually be "physiological leaf roll" as it does not resemble the virus infections I have worked with in tomato or seen through my research. The leaves in the second picture of the whole plant look to be normal color. The leaf in the first picture might just be senescent if it is an older leaf. This happens with older leaves of tomato (the ones near the bottom of the stem) as it grows taller and puts resources into the newer leaves. The yellowing you show in the picture is not typical of a virus. Physiological leaf roll can be caused by excesses of moisture or nitrogen. If your pot is not draining properly, that could be the problem. The plant looks a bit young to be putting on flowers yet, but if you are concerned about lack of flowering you can increase the amount of phosphorus relative to nitrogen and it will encourage production of flowers.

Posted by: Kerry Mauck (58 points) Kerry Mauck
Posted: June 16, 2014

tim commented,
It's gettin worse all leaves are curled and the whole bottom of the plant is yellow
almost 6 years ago.

Kerry Mauck commented,
Can you post a new photo? Also, check and make sure your planter pot is draining properly. If there are no drainage holes it might be waterlogged.
almost 6 years ago.

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