Hole in side of early eggplants

Eggplant    Melbourne, Australia

The first fruit from the plant seems to exhibit this opening of the flesh. New fruit has matured much quicker, without this issue.

I did observe some stink bug eggs on a leaf, but after these where removed have noticed no insect activity that might cause this. Open fruit seems to harden off and does not rot, etc.

Can anyone identify the issue?

Posted by: Michael Walsh (1 point) Michael Walsh
Posted: February 24, 2017


Any of the following can be the probable cause:-
1. Uneven soil moisture:
Heavy rain, especially when preceded by dry weather, is the leading cause of fruit cracking and splitting in Brinjal.
Cracking and splitting occur when rapid changes in soil moisture levels cause fruits to expand quicker than the skin can grow.
2. High use of Nitrogenous fertiliser when compost have already been applied.
3. Poor drainage management.

Posted by: Rupinder Singh (13 points) Rupinder Singh
Posted: February 24, 2017

Michael Walsh commented,
Thank-you Rupinder, we have had a very dry heat here followed by some intense, humid rain for 3 days straight around the first fruit set. I suspect that you are correct. Appreciate the help!
over 3 years ago.

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