What's eating my young scarlet runner beans?

Bean    Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

My scarlet runner bean plants are healthy and growing very well. However, I have noticed that as soon as the flowers have died, the immature bean which would normally develop suddenly disappears! No beans! I suspect a predator rather than a disease. Any ideas?

Posted by: Stu Barber (1 point) Stu Barber
Posted: July 24, 2015


Could be a number of things, the likely culprits being squirrels, birds, rodents such as mice or rats or even deer. The best thing to do would be to fence in the plants or surround with netting. Hopefully that would be enough of a barrier to whatever is eating the beans.

Posted by: Lindsay McMenemy (2 points) Lindsay McMenemy
Posted: July 27, 2015

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