Pears won't get any bigger

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I have an older pear tree that will only produce really small pears . Every year I have tons of pears but they will not get big . Added another tree to see if that would help nothing . Please help I'd love to have pears for my own self and not just for deer to eat .

Posted by: Amy Martin (1 point) Amy Martin
Posted: December 24, 2016

Andreas commented,
I have got a Kiwi tree at home and it is the same problem. I guess it depends on the species! In my case there is an other kiwi tree 1 m away in the garden of my neighbor with big fruits. First you should check if your tree has enough fertilizer, water and sunlight. Maybe also the time you cutting back your pear tree. Or you try to plant an other tree, but different species of pear, next to your tree.
over 3 years ago.


Fertilizer should be applied rarely (once every few years) and is unlikely to be the cause. I would try removing some flowers - fewer fruit result in larger fruit. Also, trees with many branches block light and prevent fruit from getting bigger so pruning - up to 1/3 of the tree - may help. This does not look like a nutrient or pathogen issue from first glance.

Posted by: Julianna (1 point) Julianna
Posted: January 3, 2017

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