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My blackberries never fully developed, they blossomed, and then didn't produce a fully developed berry. The plant looks healthy, and some berries have started forming on a nearby plant. Does anyone have any ideas as to why my blackberry plant failed to produce fruit after blooming?

Posted by: Larry winter (3 points) Larry winter
Posted: July 3, 2016


Your blackberry could be suffering from nutritional deficiency. What kind of soil was it planted in?
The picture shows lawn grass next to the plant. When grass is too close it competes for nutrients. Keep grass and all other vegetation at least 4 feet from the base of the plant to avoid competition. Blackberry roots are shallow so remove the grass with care.
What direction is that wall facing? If the blackberry is on a south-facing wall it could be OK, but full sun is recommended when summer temperatures are under 90 degrees F.

Posted by: Dennis (7 points) Dennis
Posted: July 4, 2016

Larry winter commented,
The blackberry plants are on the NothWest side of a wood fence, depending on the time of year the blackberry plants get sun from about 8:00 am till about 6:00, or 7:00 pm in the summer. I thought they would be getting plenty of Sun when I planted them. I will get to work on removing grass from the area, and add composted manure. The plants look healthy, but I may consider moving them, I hate to start over, but I may not have a choice. Thank you for your advice.
about 4 years ago.

Dennis commented,
It sounds as though the plant gets enough sun. The problem most likely is competition from the grass.
about 4 years ago.

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