Something is growing from my mandarin fruits

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I have 6-7 fruits with something growing from them. i also have a branch with one infected fruit and one regular. So what is it? is it safe to eat the other fruits? can it pass to other trees (lemon, orange etc...) what is the treatment?

Posted by: Amit (1 point) Amit
Posted: October 19, 2016

Dr. Ravishankar Narayana commented,
This look like a physiological disorder to me. It will help us if you provide information like type of mandarin you are cultivating, weather conditions, agronomic practices etc. Did you spray any chemicals like growth regulators, pesticides or fertilizers lately?
over 3 years ago.

Amit commented,
Thanks for your fast response! I usually don't use pesticides but my gardner gave the tree 9 months ago confidor to the soil. I'm using a liquid organic fertilizer in my irrigation system (it's from our local nursery) . the local weather is with high humidity and temperature is around 20-30C (in summer it's ~30C). Best Regards, Amit
over 3 years ago.

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