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Are there chemicals available for spraying to avoid pathogen - host binding or anyway block binding sites in apple scab

Posted by: waseem shafi (7 points) waseem shafi
Posted: March 28, 2016


There are many fungicides applied to avoid primary infection of apple scab. Though their mode of action may be different they helps in preventing apple scab. Like
1. Mineral or neem oils
2. Sulfur
3. Fixed copper
4. Bordeaux mixture
5. Copper soaps (copper octanoate)
6. Myclobutanil (triazole)

All this fungicides should be used only after bud break until a month after petal fall (except copper or Bordeaux mixtures should be applied only till full bloom stage to avoid fruit russet).

Posted by: Dr. Ravishankar Narayana (11 points) Dr. Ravishankar Narayana
Posted: March 28, 2016

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