Yellow spots on blueberry leaves

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I have 30+ year old blueberry bushes that have yellow spots on the leaves. I have over 300 bushes and it's almost time for people to come out and pick the berries. Do you know what this is, is it dangerous to be eaten and how do I treat them?

Posted by: patricia (1 point) patricia
Posted: May 6, 2016

deactivated commented,
Hi Patricia. Could you please edit your question and upload some pictures? It will help us diagnose your problem.
almost 5 years ago.


Discoloration of the leaves is either physiological stress (not enough nutrients) or some infectious disease like a bacterial disease. Check out our blueberry page https://www.plantvillage.org/en/topic...

An infectious disease of a leaf will not affect the consumption of the berry

Posted by: David Hughes (55 points) David Hughes
Posted: May 8, 2016

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