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The round watermelon set about six weeks before the split watermelon and is only half as big as the split watermelon. The split watermelon happens to most of the watermelons that set and all are on an irrigation system that waters every other day.

Posted by: Kenneth Wittneben (1 point) Kenneth Wittneben
Posted: September 4, 2016


Splitting fruit is a common issue for melons due to over-watering. When I was growing cantaloupe (closely related to watermelon- in the same Cucurbitaceae family), I would watch for heavy rainstorms in the forecast during harvest season and would make sure to harvest set or almost-set fruit before rainstorms or else my fruit would swell and split after the additional water.

I think the solution for you is to harvest the fruit earlier, and perhaps reduce your irrigation, especially if you are getting additional rain in your area.

Posted by: Sheena Sidhu (19 points) Sheena Sidhu
Posted: September 5, 2016

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