Cucumber tips are gone

Cucumber    Long Island, NY

What's eating the tips of my young cucumbers? It seems the blossom and tip is off but the rest of the baby cucumber is there. The plant itself is healthy.

Posted by: Linda (1 point) Linda
Posted: August 12, 2016


It does not look like insect damage- you might have a rodent visitor to your garden (it does not look like insect damage. The annoying thing of many rodent pests is that they like to take one bite from multiple fruits or vegetables in the garden (why can't they just eat one entire fruit and go away, instead of being so wasteful!?)

If this is a repeated issue, you may need to trap for the mouse, rat, or vole that is eating your cucumber.
You could also try companion planting like mint or use mint oil to deter rodents from your garden.

Posted by: Sheena Sidhu (19 points) Sheena Sidhu
Posted: August 24, 2016

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