How many leaves are needed to sustain a cucumber plant?

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Aphids and caterpillars have nearly killed my cucumber plant. I want to try to save it. I have removed the completely dead leaves but wonder if I should remove ALL the really damaged or weak leaves? In the photo, I had just sprayed the leaves with water to wash off the pests, but even tho it has adequate water it looks to be thirsty and sad.

Posted by: Marta Nelson (1 point) Marta Nelson
Posted: October 1, 2016

deactivated commented,
Does look to be thirsty. Not sure it's something to save. I'd harvest and dig it up. As long as the vine is Not damaged you can remove all leaves.
over 3 years ago.


Perhaps, it is caused by low relative humidity of air (direct sun, black film on soil, plant grown close to fence) and/or insufficient irrigation.

Posted by: alex ignatov (33 points) alex ignatov
Posted: October 3, 2016

deactivated commented,
Yeah, I do wonder if the black film being there helped "cook" the plant.
over 3 years ago.

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