White mushroom with bite marks

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I noticed a white mushroom growing near a planter, it is about 50mm/2 inch in diameter, and looked like something had taken two bites,on opposite sides of the cap,do snails eat mushrooms?

Posted by: Jem (1 point) Jem
Posted: June 1, 2014

Lindsay McMenemy commented,
Hi Jem, Could you please repost the picture of the slug as an answer to the question? That way the question will show up on the homepage as being answered as rigt now it isn't obvious. Thanks!
over 6 years ago.


there was an answer to this in the original question. A slug caused the damage

Posted by: David Hughes (55 points) David Hughes
Posted: June 3, 2014

Jem commented,
Yes, I saw that a few hours later,when the slug had eaten the stem of the mushroom, and it had fallen over.
over 6 years ago.

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