Mint plant fungus?

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I have no luck with plants: the ones I keep outside, on the balcony, always get aphides; the ones that I keep inside, in my room, alwasy develop this form of spots on the leafs and then slowly die. My only solace is that I can grow cactus without a problem:-)!!!
Usually fungus are circular (and angular ones don't cross the veins of the leaf), so I don't really know what this could be. Nutrients deficit in the soil? a disease? a fungus?
I would really love to save my big mint plant and solve this problem once and for good!
Thanks for reading

Posted by: Alessia Versini Crepaz (1 point) Alessia Versini Crepaz
Posted: May 18, 2016

David Hughes commented,
is the plant in a pot? Where in the world are you?
over 4 years ago.


Because you mention this problem is associated with many different indoor plants except cactus, i would diagnose the problem as salt. Daily evaporation of tap water used in frequent watering of plants in pots leads to accumulation of salts that cause such leaf symptoms on nearly all foliage plants. The solutions are two: 1) frequently leach out the salts by placing the plant under running water for an hour. 2) use distilled wster on your plants. Also, If your pots are clay, replace them. A demonstration of the damaging effects of accumulating salts is to take your houseplants outside in the shade in early spring and leach them thoroughly under a hose. The demonstartion is that you usually see a dramatic growth spurt in the following month indoors.

Posted by: Gerry (2 points) Gerry
Posted: May 19, 2016

What does the upper leaf surface look like? Spots delimited by veins could be caused by a fungus or also by foliar nematodes. Keep the leaf surfaces dry and remove spotted leaves as they appear as much as possible. For a definite diagnosis, this would need to be sent to a plant diagnostic lab. (Check your state's land grant university.)

Posted by: Joan Allen (4 points) Joan Allen
Posted: May 19, 2016

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