Preparing soil for cranberry planting

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I have been given six cranberry bushes by a friend of mine that he dug from his garden. They are in currently in plastic buckets and I confess that I do not really know a lot about their care. I would like to prepare a bed for them and I see that they prefer an acidic soil, what can I do to make my soil more acidic, will the cranberry plants be alright in buckets in my garage until I can plant them?

Posted by: Jack Wilson (1 point) Jack Wilson
Posted: March 28, 2013


I've never grown mossberry but for the native american variety you'll need a good clay/silt mix in a low lying area that stays very wet.. The blue/ green clay that smells like anaerobic rot seems to make the best growing bed base.Add a couple inches of gravel/ sand mix on top of the clay and mulch heavy with peat moss. Cranberries love water but they need to keep some roots above the water line to take in oxygen at night.

Posted by: J.D. Archer (31 points) J.D. Archer
Posted: March 31, 2013

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