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Hello! This is my first spring planting an organic garden, and I am wondering about the growth of some of my spinach plants. One or two of them, to one side of a midsize tree, are growing tremendously. The only problem I find with these bigger plants is that the leaves are sometimes either sun damaged or nibbled upon. Not a large critter most likely, as I personally installed a deterrent fence around my raised beds to keep squirrels and birds out. Still - I don't ever see any insects - flies or caterpillars - on or around these plants at all. So I am unsure what is causing that "nibbled" appearance on the leaftips. Well, anyway, I have four or five other spinach plants that have germinated to the other side of that same tree, but refuse to grow taller than two or three inches. Their leaves pale in comparison to the others' which are five or six inches tall and about a foot wide, and I am truly perplexed as to why--they have identical tilling procedures and soil amendments, and it looks like they get the same amount of sun; and I know I water them fairly equally. Neither has had any fertilizers nor pesticides applied. What gives? This is in zone 9a. Any help you can offer to expedite the plants' growth would be much appreciated!

Posted by: Erika Haines (1 point) Erika Haines
Posted: May 28, 2014


It could be the roots of the tree are directly under one plant and not directly under the other. Tree roots have voracious water appetites.

Posted by: Tome (1 point) Tome
Posted: May 30, 2014

Erika Haines commented,
Oh no! Maybe youre right! What should i do--transplant them to a new location? The plants dont droop though--they look healthy and watered, just small!
over 6 years ago.

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